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Formal end of the Policy Research Centre Programme

December 31, 2015 was the formal end date of third generation of the Policy Research Centre Programme. The actual end of the activities of the centres is to be marked by the publication and the approval of the annual report 2015. Next to this administrative wrap up, the centres which asked for and were granted a prolongation (ultimately for 6 months), will finalize their research agendas and as the case may be organize a public event.

The Flemish Government decided to a decentralized approach of the policy research centres from 2016 onwards. In doing so, every policy domain is made responsible for setting up, funding and following up its own centres. The department of Economy, Science and Innovation, though it’s still advising the other policy domains in the matter, is no longer coordinating, nor is it funding the policy research centre programme in this decentralized approach.

For the time being, this website will remain online and will be used for announcing public events as well as a to a retrospect to the past three generations of the Policy Research Centre Programme.



Welcome to the portal site of the Policy Research Centre Programme (het Programma Steunpunten voor Beleidsrelevant Onderzoek).

The following information is available on this site:
• information about the programme
• contact information of the Policy Research Centres
• contact information of the coordinating administration of the Flemish Government


Overview of Policy Research Centres 2012-2015
. Poverty
. Governmental Organization - Decisive Governance
. Foreign Policy, International Entrepreneurship and Development  Co-operation
. Culture
.Transitions for Sustainable Development
. Fiscal Policy
. Equality Policies
. Commodity and Passenger flows
. Integration
. Youth Research Platform
. Media
. Sustainable Materials Management
. Environment and Health
. Entrepreneurship and Regional Economics
. Educational and School Careers
. Spatial Development
. Sports
. Traffic Safety
. Welfare, Public Health and Family
. Work and Social Economy
. Housing

Note: the English translation of the names used by the Policy Research Centres may differ from the ones listed.